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Secure Compound Interest is “Money making money, and the money money makes, also makes money” – Benjamin Franklin. Achieving Secure Compound Interest in your life can be one of the most simple paths to full financial freedom and the retirement you dreamed of. As more money begins to work for you, the Compounding Effect matures and can produce significant wealth and freedom for you with little to no effect on your part! The MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account provides a clear plan to get your money Compounding.

Protecting your money is the Cornerstone in maximizing the full benefits of Compound Interest. In the MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account, you have a contractual guarantee from the A+ Rated Life Insurance Company that your money can never lose due to market volatility. This feature is called the 0% Floor meaning you can never earn less than 0% interest in a given year. Unlike the 401k/IRA/ Real Estate, this guarantee provides the confidence that your hard-earned money is protected from the risk of the market. No matter where you are on the path to achieving Financial Freedom, you can be confident that your money, plus all your years of gains are protected!

As Compound Interest is added to your savings, your MPI™ Secure Compound Interest Account will begin to grow at a rapid pace. The more you save and more time you give it to grow, the more wealth it can produce for you and your family. There are no limits to the potential of Compound Interest and why Einstein called it “The Most Powerful Force in the Universe.”

Einstein is credited for calling “Compound Interest the 8 th Wonder of the World… he who understands it, earns it.” To accelerate this powerful force in your life can be one of the most influential achievements in your pursuit of Financial Freedom. The Exclusive MPI™ Match program, the feature that sets MPI™ apart from all other financial plans, provides a secure and simplified leverage strategy to accelerate your Compound Interest Potential. Through the MPI™ Match and acceleration of Secure Compound Interest, you can achieve the retirement you’ve dreamed up is significantly less time.


What does an MPI™ Secure Compound Account Provide you? Freedom! Secure Compound Interest provides a path to buy back your valuable time to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. The MPI™ Secure Compound Account allows you to take back control of your future with no access penalties or restrictions of use of your Cash Value. You can build the future you’ve dreamed of and retire at the age you want!